POWERDOWN Technical Bulletin No. PDTB0001 – Date: 13/09/20017

This technical bulletin provides instructions on how to correctly fit replacement polyurethane bushes.

Fitting shock bushes is an important process when changing your shock absorbers, by following the simple steps below you will help extend the life of your shock absorbers.

  • Use soapy water or poly grease to fit bushes
  • DO NOT use graphite grease
  • Ensure there is not a lot of rust or excessive debris in eye ring or on pin this will “flog out” the bush prematurely
  • DO NOT over tighten poly bushes. This will cause bulging and will cause the bush to become damaged or wear out prematurely.

By not installing bushes correctly you risk voiding your product warranty. Click here to see the complete Powerdown terms and conditions.

Below are some examples of how bushes look when they are installed correctly, incorrectly and the damage that can result if a bush is over tightened.

< Bushes that have been tightened correctly should look like the example on the left, straight and not squashed.








< Bushes that have been over tightened show a significant bulge outwards as seen in the example on the left.








< This is an example of a bush that has been damaged as a result of over tightening.