The Supershock was the first Australian designed shock absorber for air suspension applications on trucks and trailers.

Combining the following heavy duty features the Powerdown Supershock will provide the ultimate protection for your truck & trailer against road vibration damage and achieve the best possible life for your tyres.

  • Large bore sizes – 41 mm, 45 mm & 52 mm
  • Increased oil capacity vastly improving the shock absorbers ability to dissipate heat and operate cooler over long distances and constant high speeds
  • Upgraded dampening forces for African roads and higher horsepower engines, unlike products designed for Europe or North America
  • Viton seal & high temperature oil to withstand higher operating temperatures longer, outlasting standard oils and rubber seals
  • 360° welds & one piece eye rings for increased strength and durability

Load & Vehicle Protection

Powerdown Supershock will significantly improve the performance of your truck, trailer or bus suspension in terms of vehicle stability, load protection and increasing overall tyre life.