Employee Recognition Nomination

The Powerdown Employee Recognition program was created to allow employees to anonymously nominate co-workers for exemplary performance with a view to include recognition of our company values. Our goal is to function as a team that takes the time to recognise each other for contributions to the following aspects of the business.

Tell us about your nominee


Use the following categories to tell us what is extraordinary about your nominee.


It is important to encourage better, safer behaviours in the business to keep all that is important to us Safe, Happy and Healthy. Eyes on safety, working together towards a safer tomorrow (you can select more than one of the following):
The nominee has shown dedication to safety in the following ways:

Company Culture

Company culture is defined as a shared set of values, goals, attitudes, and practices that make up an organization. These values help us align our objectives and drive our continued success. The nominee has shown dedication to these values in the following ways (you can select more than one of the following):
Pride and passion in our performance – The nominee shows dedication in the following areas:
Innovation – The nominee is always looking to improve and innovate the following areas:
Customer satisfaction – The nominee shows exceptional aptitude in the following areas:
No short cuts to success – The nominee excel in:

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